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Category Archives: Arts Engagement

TRU Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Student Wins at Sustainability Summit

I was delighted to read the following story posted on our TRU Newsroom page: Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies student “Bonnie Klohn was among the 400 post-secondary students from 35 countries who gathered to discuss global energy issues in Vancouver at the International Student Energy Summit (ISES) June 9th to 11th, hosted by UBC. As a […]

Artists and Interdisciplinary Research

Earlier this month I presented a new paper, “Making Interdisciplinary Inquiry Visible: The Role of Artist-Researchers in a Ten-Year Community-University Research Alliance,” at The Sixth International Conference on the Arts in Society (May 9 – 11, 2011, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities). In the paper Rachel Nash and I reported on ten years of […]

BFA Grad Wins Distinguished Alumni Award for Arts and Culture

On Friday, it was my pleasure to attend TRU’s Distinguished Alumni Awards–to represent Arts and to help celebrate the accomplishments of one of our own: Shima Iuchi (BFA, 2003). A combination of Open Learning and On Campus instruction gave her the freedom to excel as both a student and an artist. Since moving to Canada […]

Arts Student Focus Group Responses

On January 25, 2011, I had the pleasure of convening a Faculty of Arts Student Focus Group, a key component of our current Arts planning exercise. The group sessions were facilitated (with results transcribed) by Emily Hope, Bonnie Klohn, and Dani Kohorst. In brief, the Focus Group drew attention to some feelings of loneliness experienced by […]

Arts Student Shadowing Pilot Project

During the high school Spring Break period, Arts (in collaboration with the Welcome Centre) introduced a Student Shadowing initiative. The feedback gathered below—from visiting students, the TRU Student volunteers, TRU faculty and staff—indicates excellent support for the initiative and argues for its gradual integration into Arts’ array of student engagement strategies. Student Comments Recorded: “It […]