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Visiting International Scholar Hosted by Faculty of Arts

PLEASE NOTE: The following blog entries represent an archive of events and initiatives undertaken during my tenure as Associate Dean of Arts. More up-to-date information can be found via the Office of Research and Graduate Studies Blog.   You are invited to join us on Tuesday morning for a special lecture from Dr. Dean Chan (Australia): […]

Cultural Mapping as Cultural Inquiry

Call for Submissions: Cultural Mapping as Cultural Inquiry Cultural mapping, which spans many academic disciplines and methodologies, is informed by the observation that cultural phenomena are distributed spatially and that people experience the symbolic resources of their communities in spatial terms. While cultural mapping is firmly grounded in the world of academic disciplines and inquiry, […]

New Arts Ad Campaign

We’ve been working with TRU’s creative services area to develop a new ad campaign for Arts, one featuring the success stories of our students and recent graduates. The theme: “It started with an Arts degree at TRU!” Here’s an example featuring recent graduate Dasha Novak:

Halloween, Visual Arts Style

The annual Visual and Performing Arts party: WGP, Donald Lawrence, and Darlene Kalynka pose (photo by Ernie Kroeger)

TRU Faculty and Students Co-Organize International Symposium

From September 26 to September 30, TRU faculty and students participated in a remarkable symposium and series of workshops exploring how artists and artistic interventions contribute to the planning and development of smaller communities. Hosted by the University of Coimbra (established in 1290), TRU’s Small Cities CURA and the University of Utrecht co-organized the event—which […]

Students Defeat Faculty in Inaugural Beach Ball Competition

[youtube][/youtube] This afternoon the Arts Student Mentors organized the inaugural Beach Ball Competition. Faculty fought valiantly, but, at the end of the day, lost 6 goals to 2. Faculty goalie and Theatre professor Robin Nichol blamed the wind; student mentor and honorary faculty team member Jessica Lee declared, “Next year we’re going start training camp […]

New Tradition Begins at TRU

Our annual Orientation introduced the recipe for a new tradition at the University: the Orientation Coin was distributed to all new students enrolled in certificate, diploma, and degree programs. The coin is in part a souvenir of the “New Student Convocation” (a rehearsal of the convocation to come, and a wonderful opportunity to help students […]

9/11 Forum

TRU’s Philosophy, History, and Political Science Department will be hosting a public forum about 9/11 at the Student Union Building in the Boardroom from 5:30pm to 7:00pm, September 14th. The forum will reflect upon the following: · 9/11 conspiracy ? · Moral effects? · Political relevance? · Historical relevance? · Personal relevance ? · What […]

Arts Student Mentors Launch New Website

I’m pleased to announce that the Arts Student Mentors have developed their own website. We’ll be linking the site to the Arts pages soon, but it’s up now for your viewing. The site was authored by three of the student mentors (Jessica P., Julie and Kelsey), under the direction of faculty members Dr. Jenna Woodrow […]

Where Good Ideas Come From

A few years ago, in a chapter published in The Small Cities Book, John Bratton and I considered how smaller communities might become incubators of creativity and innovation. We explored the critical mass of cultural activity necessary to attract and sustain a community of knowledge-based investors and professionals; we wanted to know how the creative […]