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Arts Student Mentors Launch New Website

arts_mentors24182I’m pleased to announce that the Arts Student Mentors have developed their own website. We’ll be linking the site to the Arts pages soon, but it’s up now for your viewing.

The site was authored by three of the student mentors (Jessica P., Julie and Kelsey), under the direction of faculty members Dr. Jenna Woodrow and Dr. Liz Reimer; it features advice for first-year students, useful links (for program advising, registration information, Study Abroad options, and so on), and even career education material especially relevant for Arts majors.

The Arts Mentors support student engagement activities year-round, phoning in-coming students during the spring and summer, helping organize orientation events in September, and providing peer counseling during the year. In their own words: “We are a group of senior Arts students who have volunteered to aid new students in adjusting to both the Arts program and to University life.

What we do, and what we can do for you, is to make things easier as you adjust to life on campus. We are ready to provide the answers (or ways to find the answers) for any questions that you may have—from where you go to find refreshments on campus, to suggestions on how to handle a heavy course load, to where to go and/or who to ask about your academic future, or even about the city of Kamloops in general.”

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